Ankle Braces in Barrie & Surrounding Areas What is an Ankle Brace?

An ankle brace is designed to offer support for the ankle following a strain/sprain or any other type of injury. At Pro Motion Healthcare we can provide additional assessment and advise on what type of ankle brace you will need. We carry leading brands with off the shelf or custom fitted ankle brace options.

Ankle injuries usually long and hard to treat, therefore selecting an ankle brace for your specific needs is important. Whether you require an ankle brace with compression properties or rigid stabilizers built in , our experts will be able to assist you with selection.

Most common reasons for wearing an ankle brace. These include:

Sprain: During a sprain, the tendons and connective tissue get overstretched. Degree of stretch can vary from partial to total ligament tear. Ankle brace comes in rescue by limiting the movement and providing pressure on the affected areas to help tissues get back to their healthy state.

Achilles Tendonitis: Is inflammation of Achilles tendon due to overuse. This type of injury is very common in runners and jumpers due to repetitive motion. We offer several options for treatment from ankle brace to custom orthotics.

Other conditions include: Stress fractures, Rectocalcaneal Bursitis, Anterior/Posterior ankle impingement, Arthritis and others.

Pro Motion Healthcare offers a wide range of ankle braces that are fitted just for you. Our knowledgeable and experienced staff will help select the right brace for you to promote healing and minimize pain while preventing future injury. We carry off the shelf and custom fitted braces. 

Call us today to know how can we help minimize pain and promote healing.