Custom Back Brace

Back braces are effective tools designed to support and limit the motion of the spine. It also plays a vital role in improving posture and minimizing pain so that the user can live a comfortable life.

Custom back braces are specifically fabricated to provide comfort and optimal support. These perfectly-tailored device help stabilize and protect painful areas of your spine after surgery, or following an accident, injury or strain.

Some of the most common health conditions we treat with our custom back braces include:

Herniated Discs
Bulging Discs
Lower Back Sprain

Muscle Strain in Back
Spinal Stenosis
Degenerative Disc Disease
Sacroiliac Joint Pain

Facet Joint Pain
Osteoarthritis in the back
Postural Problems
Stress Fractures

Support to Facilitate Healing and Back Pain Relief

Back braces are prescribed to patients who are suffering from acute or chronic back pain. The pain may be an outcome of a surgery, recent or chronic injury . At Pro Motion Healthcare, we provide a variety of custom back brace options or off the shelf. Our custom back brace help:

Prevent lower back pain
Gain control over the movements of your spine
Heal soft tissue injury such as torn ligaments and muscle strain
Avoid future injury from repetitive movement or sudden motion

During your assessment with our staff, you will measured and fitted for the back brace that is medically necessary while providing best comfort for faster and easier recovery. Our friendly and knowledgeable practitioners will make sure that your back brace is customized to your body and is right for you.

We are Barrie’s back brace specialist, we offer excellent patient rehabilitation care in a friendly and professional setting.

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