At Pro Motion Healthcare we also specialize in orthopedic braces for ailments such as:

We offer a wide range orthopedic braces from reputable manufacturers and distributors such as Mueller, Airway Appliances, Kinetic, DonJoy. Every brace will be custom fitted for you with measurements done by our professional stuff.

Energix, Bauerfeind, Mueller and many more to meet your needs, providing comfort and independence; the highest quality for the best price!

Wrist - eg. Carpal Tunnel

Back - eg. Sciatica and Sprain/Strain

Ankle - eg. Achilies Tendinitis

Elbow - eg.Tennis and Golf Elbow

Knee - eg. Osteoarthritis, Ligament and Manuscus tears

Shoulder - eg. Frozen shoulder

Braces & Athletic Supports

Braces allow for the support and stabilization of various injured areas of the body. They can provide pain relief of an injured area or support healing tissue.

There are many benefits to purchasing a brace at Pro Motion Healthcare:

  • Fit by a professional ensure proper sizing
  • Education regarding how the brace works, how to put it on/take it off and when to wear it

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