shock wave therapy

Pulsed wave therapy is commonly referred to as “Shock Wave Therapy” is relatively new form of treatment in the field of rehabilitation medicine. First used in the Europe to break up kidney stones. Since the Food and Drug Administration approved the first machine for treatment of plantar fasciitis in 2000, the therapy has taken off and now widely used in European healthcare centres and now available in Barrie. Without the risk or complications of surgery, most patients are back on their feet within a day or so, some reporting immediate relieve. 95% effective

How Does It Work?

Primary effect of shockwave is a direct mechanical force as the wave passes through the tissue. This results in in a biological reaction with in the cells of that tissue (inflammation and micro tears, which triggers the body to accelerate its natural healing response, and increases blood flow.

At Pro Motion Healthcare we Offer:

Plantar Fasciitis( heel spurs)

Patellar tendinitis ( jumper’s knee)

Lateral epicondylitis ( tennis elbow)

Medial epicondylitis (golfer’s elbow)

Should Tendinitis / Calcifications


Shin splints

Morton’s Neuroma

Osteoarthritis ( Knee, Thumb etc.)

Stress fractures and many more.

Shock Wave Shoulder Therapy Barrie

Why choose Pro Motion Healthcare

Same Day Appointment

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Immediate Results

How long does it take?

Typical treatment last 5 min per area and delivers about 2000-3000 pulses. Most conditions require multiple treatments spaced several days apart to allow the body to heal.

During your initial assessment practitioner will assess and evaluate your specific condition to determine how many treatments you will need.