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Kids Walking Orthotics

Walking and Children’s Orthotics

Children grow so fast. It is no wonder parents are constantly having to buy new clothes and shoes for their kids. You may wonder, how does a child learn how to walk? Well, this is a great question, but children do not simply learn how to walk, they actually just have a natural instinct that kicks in at certain ages in their life. Read More

Shoes Worn Out

Your Shoes Might Be Worn Out: When to Replace Your Footwear

Many people don’t replace their footwear in the proper amount of time. Just because your shoes aren’t showing immediate signs of wear and tear, that doesn’t mean they aren’t in need of replacing. There are many indicators that you’re about to learn that will help you know when it’s time for replacing.Read More

Flat Feet Children

Pediatrics: Flat feet in Children

Having flat feet can be uncomfortable and daunting in many areas of life growing up but doesn’t have to be. Let’s take a look at how these flat feet are formed: while the bones are infusing and coming together, the foot and ankle are still made up of softer materials such as cartilage, soft tissue, and fat.Read More

Back Pain Treatment Acupuncture Orthotic Inserts

Reduce Your Back Pain with Acupuncture and Orthotic Inserts

A recent study was conducted that stated lower back pain can be improved with the acupuncture, along with corrective orthopedic footwear. More than 40% of patients in this study reported that the usage of acupuncture and shoe insert drastically reduced their back pain, and more than 32% had increased function when the study was over.Read More