Wrist Braces

A custom wrist brace acts as a healing support for the wrist after an injury. It restricts the movement of joints to allow healing. They are designed to treat certain conditions caused by repetitive activity.

At Pro Motion Healthcare, we provide our clients with wrist braces to help them soothe damaged tissues and prevent swelling. These braces not only used in rehabilitation but also offer protection from sports injuries.

Benefits of Pro Motion Healthcare Custom Wrist braces

There are many reasons for choosing to use a custom wrist brace, including:

Trauma such as twisting or bending

Preventative support

Carpal tunnel syndrome

Repetitive injuries

We offer wrist braces that are comfortable and lightweight, specially formulated with durable and waterproof material. With proper use, they will be a precious tool to ensure that your wrist has the much needed support while promoting natural healing.

Pro Motion Healthcare provides rehabilitation services including custom fit wrist braces in Barrie and surrounding areas. Our practitioners will assess your needs and suggest the best course of action to promote a speedy recovery.

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